Facilitator's Guide

This course is primarily intended for adult allies who work with high-school aged youth in professional settings. By enrolling, you will gain access to the following materials:

  • Instructional videos and PDFs on how to facilitate a mental health group

  • 25 group lesson plans; complete with printable worksheets

  • 3 free eBooks created by youth engaged in the program

  • Unlimited access to future program updates and resources

Course Instructor

Zach Wall

Zach holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Psychology and is currently working on his final classes to complete a master’s degree in Counselling. With over 10 years of experience working with youth at summer camps and non-profit organizations, Zach has developed a passion for supporting youth as they navigate the often tumultuous journey of adolescence.

Program Impact

According to quantitative data collected from students previously enrolled in a Survivor 101 group:

  • 93% of the participants reported an overall improvement to their quality of life.

  • 81% of participants reported an increase in their self-confidence.

  • 75% of participants reported an increase in their ability to manage stress.

Program Feedback

Quotes from High-School Aged Participants in the Program

  • Grade 10 Student

    “I feel like I can manage stress a lot better. It doesn’t get to me as much as it used to.”

  • Grade 12 Student

    “My ability to ask for help has improved a lot. Before I thought asking for help was being weak, but I was wrong. I have also met new friends and I am letting myself know that people are meant to help each other.”

  • Grade 12 Student

    “I’ve learned I need to help myself before I can help others and I am finally prioritizing my own health.”

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